Wednesday, March 25, 2009

TDD in MVC applications

When developing a web application using MVC there are some components of the application that are not easily tested and can't be tested using automated unit tests. Since automated unit tests are the TDD bread and butter it follows that you can't use Test Driven Development for every aspect of your application. Our team has mentioned that it is difficult to know when to use TDD so I'm hoping to provide some guidance to help in this area. Any comments or suggestions about other methods are welcome.

Libraries: "That code should be in the Model!"

I think it's pretty simple really. Basically anything that will be used as a library function should have a unit test written for it and anything that should have a unit test written could be developed using TDD. In MVC, you would use TDD to develop Model code. If there is any code in the controller that contains some business logic that could be pulled out and made into a library function then that code should be in the model.

Any other aspect of the application would need to be tested using acceptance testing methods.

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