Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Team City's FxCop Runner

Team City has a number of built in runners to use on your project that provide some pretty nice reports right within Team City. Some of those we're using are the Duplicates Finder (.Net) and the FxCop runner. The Duplicates was pretty easy to set up but I had a little more difficulty with FxCop. Nothing serious but I thought I'd reproduce what we did here.

First, of course, we had to make sure that FxCop was installed on our Build Agents. Then I added the following to the buildAgent.properties file

system.FxCopRoot=c\:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft FxCop 1.36

Make sure to escape the colon and backslashes.

Then I had to create an artifact from my compile build configuration that was the bin folder containing the assemblies I wanted FxCop to look at.

Then I had to create an artifact dependency on that artifact in the FxCop build configuration; otherwise there were not any assemblies available for FxCop to operate on.

That did the trick for me.

The next step is to create a Dashboard type page that will have a script that will grab all the different metrics created from FxCop, Duplicate Detection, NCover, our burndown chart, etc. and display them in easy to view way (graphs and what not). We'd have all developers set this to be their home page (or ideally have it displayed on a wall somewhere) so all this can be viewed at a glance and you can get a quick overview of the project. I think this will be really valuable as a tool while trying to take TDD to the next step.

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