Thursday, September 6, 2012

Understanding the Resistance to Agile

I have been reading some architecture documentation for a set of services that are part of a much larger system. In one section of the document, after a brief (and incorrect) description of Entity Framework, I encountered this paragraph:
This framework was chosen to support agile development. The developer does not need to write any data access logic, other than creating the entity data model, and the framework was built to work directly with the Windows Communication Foundation DataService class.
Firstly, this statement misconstrues the meaning of Agile Development. Agile Development has nothing to do with what code is written or which framework is chosen. Agile development is about enabling the developers and about being able to develop amidst a rapidly changing environment towards an often incorrectly or partially defined target. The first value defined by the agile manifesto ( states that we value "Individuals and interactions over processes and tools" yet this statement is all about choosing tools (EF and WCF).

No wonder there is resistance to Agile Development when there are people spreading falsehoods like this around.

I still can't believe what I've just read... not to mention I read it in an overly "comprehensive" 67 page document.  As if a description of EF was necessary; a link to the official Microsoft documentation on EF would have sufficed.

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