Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Switching to PivotalTracker

For our SCRUM development we have used a variety of tools to plan and track our work.

We used Mingle for a long time but found that because it is so customizable it makes it very easy to overcomplicate your project and process.  We also spent a large amount of time configuring, setting up and tweaking mingle to create the ideal project template.  Mingle is also very slow and seems to require a server with a huge amount of resources to run smoothly.

Scrum Ninja
Scrum Ninja has a lot of nice features and seems to be going in the right direction but it was very glitchy and we even lost some data at one point.  We were able to get most of it back through their support but it was definitely a hassle.  Searching didn't work very well and although the card wall view is a nice idea it can be hard to read.  The export format is relatively useless leaving out important data like dates.  It wasn't even worth trying to parse the exported text with a script to extract what we wanted.

Pivotal Tracker
Pivotal has done a very nice job with their Tracker product.  We first tried at the same time as ScrumNinja and first impressions left us feeling it was more restricted or had fewer features in some areas.  We gave it another go and now realize it has a much simpler interface that we've found frees us up to just work on the project rather than spending time setting it up in the tool.  It has several integrations with other projects and an open API for custom integrations.  We've also made suggestions and bug reports and had very quick responses and fixes.  It also uses csv as an export format.  All in all we're very happy with Tracker so far.  Plus, it's free.

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